Shamanic Massage and Spiritual Bodywork

Shamanic healing is based on a holistic approach to health where everything is interconnected. It incorporates a number of different elements, working on all of the energetic bodies including:

  • Physical
  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Spiritual

It balances the overall chakra system and the auric fields to help you achieve a deeper sense of well-being and balance that extends into your everyday life.


My Approach

My massage technique integrates energy balancing with traditional therapy to give you a more holistic healing experience.

Massage Services

I’m available for appointments throughout the week and on Saturday. Learn more about my services and book an appointment today.


What My Clients Experience

Lisa doesn’t work like a typical massage therapist. She does a great job in working on tense, sore muscles, but she also does so much more. She truly helps realign your mind, body, and soul.
— Kara